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Italian to the Bone

The perfect place to enjoy the life and food.

Founded by 1st generation of immigrants from Sicily, this Italian restaurant has quickly become a local area staple.With an amazing range of Italian dishes of both classic and modern traditions, starting with pizzas and pastas and all the way to celuccio and annianto, our menu stands out!

Things We Cook the Best


This simple, yet an all-time favorite Italian dish is what we love the most! We have 99 varieties of pizza in 5 size options – from mini pizza to a huge pizza!


Despite being a Pizza place first and foremost, we also value other Italian culinary traditions, such as cooking multiple varieties of pasta!


Though the French say that it’s their wine that’s the best, we are sure that Italian red and white wine is better! Choose any of our 88 bottles of this drink, from Sicilian to Milanese!

Meet Our Cooks!

Vincenzo is a family owned restaurant, which treasures the atmosphere just as much as the dining menu.
We assembled a strong team of professionals, all of whom aspire to constantly excel and step it up!

Our Team

Happy Visitors

Our restaurant’s meals are so good and tasty, that people do actually write reviews!

Beste Pizza in Südtirol. Meine absolute lieblings Pizzeria. Immer wenn wir in der Nähe Urlaub machen, müssen wir hier hin. Super liebes Personal, klasse Pizza und das Amaretto halbgefrorene …ein Gedicht!

Rockarda posted on Tripadvisor

Sensationell. Ich habe schon viel Pizza gegessen in meinem Leben, aber das war heute Abend einfach der Hammer! Ich bin echt sprachlos, daher hier die volle Punktzahl. Einfach toll! Mille Grazie.

AlSeppone posted on Tripadvisor

Meet the Chef!

Vincenzo Partolla IV is a grand-grandson of Vincenzo Partolla the First – the man who founded the Vincenzo restaurant.Coming from a huge family of Sicilian Americans, Vincenzo loves both the traditional Italian cuisine as well as a contemporary one and the American cuisine…